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 Topic Ingredient: young Spring Onions:

Some of you probably know that young Spring Onion is called Scallions. This is a right name for the type of onion that we are going to use in our recipe.
Scallion is genuinely healthy ingredient for any salad, seasoning or fried food. It’s should be cooked for about 1-2 minutes. Overcooking it (or any other vegetable) will kill all the goodies in the 'greenies'.
“A 60–g portion (three onions) is a rich source of vitamin C; a source of foliate, calcium, and iron; contains 400 μg of carotene; provides 1.8 g of dietary fiber; supplies 15 kcal (65 kJ)”, from Moreover, it is said that green onions are great to help you control your weight and generally for health too.

Korean mini pizza:

Korean Pajan is the name for Korean style pizza. Its is very easy to make. The recipe is given for two people.

50-70 G of young Spring Onions
100 - 150 G of sea shell meat
50 G of carrot
50 G of Chinese cabbage
2 eggs
2 spoons of Flour (or Pajan mix, which is available in Korea)
little salt and black pepper

Wash young Spring Onions and  pill the onion bulb - which is the most time consuming task among everything else. In case you have green onions with slighter bigger bulb, you can slice it too, so that the size match the rest of the ingredients.

Cut green onions (together with bulb and root) into 2-3 cm approximately.

If you got unopened sea shells, you can easily open them after boiling in salty water. Perfect size for the recipe is small or middle size sea shells like on the picture.

Carrot and Chinese Cabbage should be thinly sliced.

And 1-2 minutes fried to make the slices soft enough for pizza.

Put together all the ingredients: cut onions, shell meat, fried carrots and cabbage. Mix well with eggs, flour, salt and pepper.

Fry the resulted mixture on the low heat with vegetable oil.

Serve with a bowl of rice, kimchi or any other side dishes.
This is very light dinner for two!
Enjoy :)


It is very important moment for me.... my first blog! I can't wait to run it full and share it with friends and the rest of the world!
My plans are to make a healthy food blog that can educate health capacity of the ingredients that we cook from every day as well as share my recipes. Most of them are experimentation on the original recipe. Many things are similar. After all, what we can do with food items? Boil, fry, steam, bake, BBQ, cold BBQ, dry and water.... mix, blend, crush, cut, chop ..... is there anything else? I bet just more verbs that mean very similar to what was already mentioned. Therefore, let's not go into details of recipe copyrights and start our healthy food journey!
Later, I will update my readers on healthy lifestyles in different parts of the world. As being healthy at different corners of the globe may vary. So, we'll see how is that possible.
The list of evaluated restaurants in my area and the city will be available also together with Google Maps. Of course, I cant go beyond Seoul city or Korea, since I stay here.

Welcome to my blog again and thank you for visiting! :)



    I'm a very health concerned person... in almost everything...: food, clothes, mind, lifestyle.... truly many things! And believe me, this can be lot of fun! My mom taught me most of the tricks and recipes for health and now I'd like to reveal them to the world. So far, my friends used to appreciate my offline updates. Therefore, I hope, it can be helpful for you too. Good luck!


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